Environmental Education

Environmental education programs in schools within buffer zone of the National Park
Has started in 1999, the program has connected 54 schools including Elementary and Middle Schools in buffer zone of the Pu Mat National Park. With the aim of raising awareness for students about forest protection, environment protection and biodiversity conservation, the Program has many forms, diverse activities as: Establishment of Environment Education & Nature Reserve Clubs in schools, teaching environmental and conservation, organizing competition on environment study, painting competition, publishing related publications (books, pictures, leaflets …) and other activities to support programs in schools.
Develop and implement awareness programs for rural communities in the buffer zone.
Pu Mat National Park coordinates with local authorities to carry out activities in communities and villages to raise awareness about nature, environment and the need of cooperation to protect the National Park. The program includes many different activities such as organization of meetings, organizing competitions, exchange activities, discuss about forest and environment, film propaganda about the protection of forests, the radio program on forest protection, biodiversity conservation.
Environmental education for visitors, tourism
In addition to raise awareness for local communities in the buffer zone, Pu Mat National Park has created other activities to raise awareness in protecting the ecological environment, protect natural landscape of the Park for visitors, integrated visiting activities to associate with environmental protection activities. Environmental Education Center of the Park is a place where would provide visitors more information about the Park, while also displaying many exhibits, publications, images that are positive in encouraging tourists to respect and protect environment.