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Completed Scientific Research Programs

– A general biodiversity survey program was conducted in two years of 1998 and 1999. This is the power and wisdom of 55 scientists and 17 national and international staff of Pu Mat National Park. The results provide a synthesis of data on the biodiversity of the Park. In 2003, a plant diversity survey program […]

Environmental Education

Environmental education programs in schools within buffer zone of the National ParkHas started in 1999, the program has connected 54 schools including Elementary and Middle Schools in buffer zone of the Pu Mat National Park. With the aim of raising awareness for students about forest protection, environment protection and biodiversity conservation, the Program has many […]


Pu Mat National Park located in the regional ecology of Northern Truong Son. This is an area preserving biological diversity represents the rainforest ecosystem and subtropical typical North Truong Son region and where is identified the distribution of the different rare and endanger species in which including the new species were discovered in 1990 of […]

Position, Functions, Duties, and Powers

PositionPu Mat National Park is the state enterprise unit directly under the management of Provincial People’s Committees.  Subject to the management of professional services of specialized agencies and the provincial authorities in accordance with the law.Pu Mat National Park has full legal status, seal and bank accounts.FunctionConservation of natural resources, protect biodiversity and cultural values, […]